Welcome to Ad Esse Life… a site dedicated to possibilities.

“Boldly declare, courageously pursue, and abundantly achieve the extraordinary.”

-Amir Ghannad

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I got inspired to do this from something me and my friend thought of, called the Craft Shack. One afternoon I told my dad I wanted to build the craft shack, but my dad asked me why don’t you just make a website based off of the Craft Shack and share many of your ideas and thoughts with people? I didn’t just make this website about the Craft Shack, and now I want it to also be about doing things that you think you can’t do.3fd22e132a2fdec57132289c46a19489

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Sweatshirts – $25 (image coming soon)
Square-23 shirts go visit http://www.square-23.com
Concrete pencil holders- $5 (image coming soon)
Mask- $10(image coming soon)
Necklace – $20

T-Shirts $15: S, M, L, XL

Concrete Stools – $15
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